I am AJC’s Chief Financial Officer and have been with AJC for close to 13 years. I deeply believe in the mission of AJC. As I am responsible for the financial wellbeing of this leading Jewish organization, it would be impossible to do my job without the financial support of our most loyal donors, and Sid and Helaine Lerner are at the top of the list. Their love and support for Israel and the Jewish people is second to none. Jews all over the world are the beneficiaries of their commitment to these causes, which is backed up with the philanthropic support that is given at the absolute highest levels. The world lost a beautiful soul in Sid, but the world for the Jewish people will forever be a better place because of Sid Lerner. He will be missed and his memory will be cherished forever by so many, me included! May Sid’s memory be a blessing.

Rick Hyne

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