I am one of Sid’s first cousins. I remember a conversation with Sid right after I finished college. It was about art. I knew he was in advertising and I told him I had an interest in art. He encouraged me to continue taking classes in drawing and painting which I did for many years to come at The Art Student’s League in Manhattan. In subsequent conversations with Sid, he always had a professional quality to his conversations and also a pleasant tone of voice. He chose his words carefully and was always respectful, kind and pleasant.
My condolences to his wife, Helaine and sister, Ethel Gardiner, cousins and friends.
My message to Sid is that I wish you could have seen the paintings and graphic work I have accomplished. Life took over and although I’m sorry I didn’t see you and Helene so much. I am grateful for your kind encouragement in my youth. It stayed with me and I think you knew. With love for your memory and love for Helaine,
Thank you Sid, ????
With love, Faye

Faye Richland

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