I’ll deeply miss working with Sid. There was never a dull moment at The Monday Campaigns when Sid was around. He challenged us to always strive higher and applauded us when we delivered exceptional work. I loved his emails of “take a bow” or “good get.” He inspired us to think of new, different ways to present public health issues and solutions simply and memorably. Most of all, I’ll miss how Sid cared for our well-being. When I ran into him by the elevator or in the kitchen, he would ask with a warm, wide smile, “How’re you doing, kid?” When he would read about a typhoon in the Philippines, he would always ask about the welfare of my family living there. I enjoyed his stories of having spent time in the Philippines when he was stationed there during the war. He shared his memories of world travel with Helaine, sometimes suggesting fun restaurants he remembered. So, Sid, thank you for the memories and for the wonderful opportunity to have worked with you and learned from you.

Cherry Dumaual

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